Lo-Fi Cyberpunk Thriller with a Twist

Imagine, if you can, a world where everything digital is visible. That means every text message, phone call, email, website visited, all of it can be seen by everyone. In the world of Analog a disaster called the great doxxing happened four years prior causing total transparency on the internet. So while technology is still around most opt not to use it. Rather, people use “paper jockeys” to keep secrets hidden. We meet Jack McGinnis on a job delivering a briefcase full of secrets and trying not to die in a dystopian St. Louis. The thing about Jack is that he might have had something to do with destroying the internet as we know it. Over the remainder of the first volume we follow Jack as he deals with what may be the government (hard to tell) assassins, anarchists, white supremacists, and robots.

In addition to being a story about a dystopian future, this book is also a mystery. There are  flashbacks to the doxxing but we still don’t know much about it or our protagonists involvement. The lack of transparency about Jack and the doxxing is one of the most engaging aspect of Analog.  While I enjoy shows and comics about people affected by the policy and setting such as Firefly or The Walking dead it is refreshing to see a story about someone who created that setting, and better yet doesn’t much care. Jack isn’t trying to do anything but survive and make a living. It’s here where the book lives up to its cyberpunk roots while also subverting the genre by having a distinct lack of technology. After two issues Analog was picked up for feature film production and with the series coming back in a few months there is no better time to get caught up!

Analog is written by Gerry Duggan, a name that should ring a bell for several of you. Gerry recently wrapped up the Marvel event Infinity Wars and has completed several runs on Hulk, Avengers, and Deadpool. While reading Analog I couldn’t help but think he brought some of Deadpool’s signature dark humor to writing this series. The series is co-created by rising artist David O’Sullivan who has a new series or two on the horizon so be sure to ask us about that at the shop.

-Grant Mitchell


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