Daredevil #1

Daredevil has been one of the most consistently high-quality titles in all of comics, with creators p

“I can hear it in your voice, Matthew. You’re on a precipice.”

Daredevil has been one of the most consistently high-quality titles in all of comics, with creators performing career-defining work with the character for decades. Through ever-increasing stakes and personal tragedies, the Man Without Fear has powered through defeat and emerged victorious due to his super-powered senses, intellect, and sheer willpower. If Daredevil #1 from Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto is any indication, this current series has the ambition to continue that trend.

Readers may be familiar with Chip Zdarsky from his writing work on Howard the Duck, Jughead, and Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, while Marco Checchetto has contributed artwork to The Punisher, Old Man Hawkeye, and Venom.

Life has never been easy for Daredevil and the start of this run is no exception. Taking place mere weeks after saving a teenager’s life from an oncoming truck and almost dying in the process, Matt Murdock is still recovering and attempting to resume the mantle of Daredevil once more. His arch enemy, the Kingpin, is the mayor of New York City, instructing police to apprehend Daredevil and other heroes on sight. Though Daredevil still has the willpower to fight crime, he is far from ready physically for the rigors of combat. While recovering, he must grapple with whether his superhero work is truly making a difference.

Zdarsky does a great job capturing the character of Matt Murdock, particularly his childhood in the issue’s flashbacks. Checchetto’s artwork is a perfect complement and he makes the dark and crime-ridden Hell’s Kitchen come alive. Not to be outdone, Chip Zdarsky illustrates four pages after the end of the issue, showing off unique action scenes with Daredevil’s radar sense.

This issue perfectly balances the dual lives and trials of Matt Murdock and Daredevil, culminating in a man who struggles to mete out justice in the face of tragedy after tragedy. For fans of the Daredevil TV series on Netflix, this issue is a great introduction to the comic while providing an interesting twist on the Daredevil-Kingpin dynamic. Though Daredevil strives to be a hero once more, can he overcome his latest setbacks? Is he truly making a difference? I eagerly await the next issue.


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