Sonata #1 Review

“We have to make this work. The trip to Perdita is one-way.”

A band of colonists has fled their home world, where resources are dwindling, for a planet which promises food, fuel, and natural wonder, the planet Perdita. Due to the planets’ orbits, a return trip is out of the question. Across space, a group called the Ran has made their homes in a veritable paradise, become friendly with the native species, and started new live, unencumbered by ties to their previous world. However, another group, the Tayan, has also landed in paradise and has their own plans for the future of the planet.

The comic’s protagonist, Sonata, is an inquisitive, adventurous young woman who is keen to throw herself headfirst into danger, her flying thermasaur Kee at her side. Against her widower father’s wishes, she flies into danger to greet a landing party from her home world, which becomes surrounded by hostile predators native to the planet’s forests. Though much of the planet is a paradise, Sleeping Giants roam the surface and are thought to be gods best left alone. The peaceful Ran eventually meet the haughty, warlike Tayan, who declare the planet theirs, its resources reserved for solely the strong. Though a people not fond of conflict, the Ran must do something to protect their new way of life.

Sonata comes from co-writer David Hine (Silent War, The Bulletproof Coffin) and co-writer and artist Brian Haberlin (Witchblade, Anomaly). The artwork is definitely where Sonata shines and immediately draws the reader into the story and the world of Perdita. The comic features a blend of 2D and 3D artwork, giving depth to each panel and creating a seemingly tangible world. This gives the panels the look and feel of a still image from a video game or animated film. No matter the distance, each background is richly detailed and the characters are clearly defined. The character artwork reminded me most of the art style from the Borderlands video game series.

The Han and Tayan both desire the planet Perdita, but for entirely different purposes. Yet, their plans may mean nothing when faced with the vast Sleeping Giants and other mysteries the planet holds. Sonata #1 is an action-packed, imaginative issue and a great start to what is sure to be a thrilling adventure. This series should definitely be checked out by fans of low tech sci-fi or those interested in unique, eye-catching 3D artwork.

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