Like most of our subscribers, my first introduction to the world of Interceptor was actually the sequel series Reactor. Published by Vault Comics, Reactor was an exciting blend of sci fi action with vampire horror that could only come from Donny Cates. I had just started working at Nirvana Comics and immediately subscribed to the series. However, due to publishing issues, we still haven’t gotten to see how Reactor ended. That is, of course, until this year when Vault announced that not only will they be finishing Reactor but also publishing both the prequel and sequel to the awesome series. Interceptor is the first part in the reactor trilogy. Originally published in Heavy Metal Magazine, the entire series is collected for the first time in graphic novel format and is the perfect reading material for fans of Donny Cates, vampires, mechs, and the list goes on.

The story goes like this: after the vampires woke up and declared war on us humans, we were forced to flee to a distant planet where we remained safe. On the way out, we decided to nuke the planet out of spite and in hopes of wiping out the vampires. This worked about as well as anytime any military has dropped a nuke on Godzilla. So, radioactive vampires living on Earth while humanity is safe in the stars, right? Well, now the vampires have managed to locate the humans with scouts, so humanity sends one of its best cybernetically-equipped soldiers with a giant mech suit to take a measure of how things stand on Earth before humanity commits to boots on the ground. Interceptor tells the story of the scout named Poli and what she finds on Earth.

What is great about Donny Cates’ story is that beyond just the vampire crushing mech suit wielding action (of which there is plenty), Cates manages to craft a world showcasing themes about responsibility. In today’s world you will find the weight of responsibility argued over both at home and abroad. This book shows all sides wrestling with that weight be they human or vampire. Dylan Burrnett (a frequent Cates collaborator) does a great job of drawing action scenes that, on top of being downright awesome, somehow manage to deliver a laugh.

I would encourage you to read this book if you are a longtime fan of Donny Cates or have never touched one of his books before. The fact that this story is finally available after so long is a fantastic reward for those who were subscribed to Reactor. This series will be continuing later this year, so now is the perfect time to get on board.

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