Cult of Dracula #1 (Preacher Homage Virgin)


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CULT OF DRACULA #1 (Preacher Homage Virgin)
When Ignatz Award nominated artist Chris Callahan read the first issue Cult of Dracula, he said that he was immediately struck with the desire to pay homage to Gelnn Fabry’s legendary cover for Preacher #1This fierce work of art is the result of that inspiration. This limited edition 1:50 variant cover is available in both virgin and trade dress options.

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CULT OF DRACULA #1 (Preacher Homage Virgin)
(W) Rich Davis (A) Henry Martinez (CA) Chris Callahan
From the nightmares of Rich Davis comes a new vision of ancient horror. It’s witchy. It’s wyrd. It’s Hekter-Skelter within a hippie cult dedicated to an ancient blood Goddess. You may know Bram Stoker’s horror classic by heart, but you have no idea where Cult of Dracula will take you.
Meet Special Agent Malcolm Bram, an FBI agent tasked to investigate a tragedy that’s being called, “The Cult of Dracula Mass Suicides”. According to the media, members of a reclusive religious movement committed ritual suicide in a macabre event reminiscent of Jonestown. The truth is much darker and far more bloody. Flashback to three days earlier. along with a student documentary film crew Mina Murray arrives at the cult’s compound under the pretense of exposing the cult’s enigmatic leader, Robert Renfield. There’s much more to her story. Mina’s ties to this place, these people and this cult are deeper than she can comprehend. Cult of Dracula reads much like a true crime drama mingled with Southern Gothic horror. It’s style is heavily inspired by films such as “Horror of Dracula”, “The Wicker Man”, “House of the Devil” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. True to Stoker’s novel, the story in Cult of Dracula unfolds through the perspectives of multiple characters on broken time lines and from different points of view.

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