Cult of Dracula #2 (Nemeth Variant)


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Hungarian artist Gyula Nemeth brings the Brides of Dracula to life in all their terrible glory!


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CULT OF DRACULA #2 (Nemeth Variant)
Source Point Press
(W) Rich Davis (A) Henry Martinez (CA) Gyula Nemeth
Behold! The coming of the Brides of Dracula! They are the heralds of fear, the weavers of fate and the executioners of the blood goddess’s will.
Lies lead to secrets which lead to mysteries as Special Agent Malcolm Bram delves deeper into the Ordo Dracul. Lucy chooses a path that changes her life forever. Mina Murray finally comes face to face with the enigmatic leader of the Cult of Dracula and the demon that haunts her nightmares.

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