Why Should You Subscribe?

​Subscribers are the life’s blood of every Local Comic Shop (LCS). Not only are they our most loyal customers, they’re also bellweathers for predicitng what new comic book titles are going to be hot, what existing titles are doing well and which ones aren’t.

As an LCS, we are required to place our orders for new comics two months in advance. Subscribers help us determine how many copies of each book we should order. A strong subscriber base to a particular comic is an indicator that demand will be high for that upcoming book. A small subscriber base indicates that demand will likely be low. This is a localized reflection of how the comic book industry as a whole operates.

If pre-orders for a book are low, publishers such as Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, etc… may scale back on investing in titles. They may even cut their print runs short. The healthier the subscriber base for any particular book, the more pre-orders LCSs will place and the more likely it become that the publishers will continue to support that book.

So, you see, the comic book industry just can’t function without our subscription. The fate of the Multiverse is literally in your hands!

How Do Subscriptions Work?

​At Nirvana, we put the power into your hands. You can subscriber to as many or as few comic book titles as you want. You can also change those titles at any time. We do our best to make subscribing as simple and rewarding as possible.

All you need to do is fill out one of our subscription forms. We’ll take down some basic contact information along with your preferred method of payment. From then on, we’ll beign special ordering your comic books specially for you!

Every week, when your comics come in, we’ll put them in a special box just for you. They’ll be there waiting for you whenever you decide to pick them up.

How Much Does Subscribing Cost?​

There is no extra cost to subscribe at Nirvana. You’ll only pay for the books that we order for you. You’ll never pay more than cover price for new comics. In fact, we’ll even give you special discounts depending on the number of new comic book titles on your pull list!

Do Subscribers Get Any Other Benefits?

Absolutely! We’ve already mentioned the special discounts for new comic books. Subscribers also get other perks such as special subscriber only variant covers, storewide discounts on other merchandise like variant covers, backstock, graphic novels, posters, action figures & apparrel. Subscribers will receive monthly coupons, access to special sales and special gifts on their birthday and anniversary dates.

Subscribe Now!

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